AssortedTrance News

August 14, 2016. Site updated with latest sets!

After a bit of neglect, the new sets are now up

December 10, 2014. Direct downloads working!

Aaand the direct downloads are now working again :)

November 12, 2014. Direct downloads not working + New hard trance retrospective

The host of the direct downloads are currently down so please use the soundcloud links to download. Email me if there's something you are looking but can't currently reach

2nd set in my Hard Trance restrospective is now up. It features some of my favorite hard trance tracks from the years 1999-2000. A 2nd mix with tracks from this era is coming soon as there where too many to include in one mix.

January 22, 2014. Radio streams closed + brand new trance set

Ok the time has come to shut down my two radio streams. My host needed the resources to other stuff so until I find some other set the streams will stay down

The good news is that I have a brand new trance set available for download.

October 22, 2012. EVE Records Tribute set + interview

A little while ago Pearsall asked me to do a guest mix for his blog Sonic Rampage ( Since that blog is mostly about oldschool techno/trance/etc I decided to finally make my little tribute mix for one of my all time favorite labels: EVE Recordings

The set features some proper trance from around 1996-1998 with a good dose of 303's in them. All tracks are basically made by one guy: Pablo Gargano. He made some absolute killer trance tracks back in the day so if you haven't heard about him it's well worth a listen.

Along with the mix there's also an interview with me which you can check out here:

August 23, 2012. Special Trance Set!

On August 19th I had a special set featured as a guest set on the Uplifting Seasons Radio Show hosted by Turkish trance duo Ilgaz & Berk

I was asked to make a set with some of my favorite tracks so I decided to mix it completely on vinyl and focus on the years from 2000 and forward. After digging through my vinyl collection I came up with this rather special mix you can check out below. It's full of nostalgia for me so I hope you enjoy it too :)

Grab it here

August 02, 2012. New Hard Trance set!

Finally a new Hard Trance set! Been over a year since the last one so it was long over due. Check it out here

June 20, 2012. New Progressive House set!

Did a progressive house promo set with a pretty laidback beat. Check it our here

May 21, 2012. New Trance Set Available!

Assorted Trance Volume 28. Grab it if that's your thing :)

February 29, 2012. Radio back online!!

Once again the Assorted Trance Radio is back online. Tune in to the Hard Trance stream here and the Trance stream here or use your favorite smart phone app and enjoy some qaulity music :)

November 30, 2011. New trance set!

Yep, finally made a new Assorted Trance set. Check it out through the usual links :)

November 10, 2011. New Inspirations Oldschool set

I've made a new Oldschool set in collaboration with DJ Meke. We've each did 30 minutes each and as usual it features some of our favorite tracks from early to mid 90s.

September 22, 2011. Radio back online!

Yep, the Assorted Trance Radio is finally online again. You can now to tune in to the Hard Trance stream here and the Trance stream here

July 20, 2011. New Assorted Trance set!

Was in the mood for some energetic and euphoric trance so I made new Assorted Trance set. Enjoy!

June 01, 2011. Downloads working, Radio still down, New prog set up

Downloads are now working as usual after the server move. Radio is still down until further notice. Hopefully we'll get it back up sometime this summer.

My latest progressive set is up for grabs for those of you who haven't already grabbed it through the Soundcloud link on my facebook page. It was another guest set for Electronic Journey on Thanks to Andrey Mikhailov for having me on the show again!

May 30, 2011. Downloads and radio streams down atm

The downloads are not working at the moment as the server is moving to a new location. The radio streams are down due to a HDD crash at the provide (DI Radio). Hopefully I'll have both up again real soon

March 07, 2011. New Progressive House set

The new progressive house set is now online. It was featured as a guest set at the specail 1 year anniversary event of Electronic Journey on Check it out here

March 03, 2011. Assorted Hard Trance Volume 17

Yep, I finally managed to make a new proper hard trance set. Check it out here if that's your thing :)

November 05, 2010. Hard Trance Gig Cancelled

The promoters have cancelled the event 'Intense Supercharged' that was suppose to take place tonight in Helsingborg Sweden. So obviously I will not be spinning there tonight. The manner in which the promoters handled this has been very unprofessional. Seemingly hyping up nr of tickets sold to increase pre-sale and at the same time not informing anyone that their top billing pulled out due to them not being able to fullfill the contractual agreement. They now refuse any refunds for the presale tickets sold, claiming the party has just been postponed and will be held at a later date. This will probably not happen. Further more they've closed the wall in the facebook event page since they can't handle the negative feedback pouring in.

Ah well, another day in the club scene...

November 02, 2010. Hard Trance Gig in Sweden and 2 new progressive sets

On Friday November 5th I'll be spinning a hard trance set at the Intense Supercharge event @ Pascha Nighclub in Helsingborg Sweden.

Also on November 5 a new progressive set from me will be aired in the Freedom show hosted by me and Polheredia in Digitally Imported's Progressive Channel

Then on November 15th I've been asked to do a guest set for the anniversary of the Functional Parts show hosed by Ray Mack in Digitally Imported's Progressive Channel

October 05, 2010. Essential Guide To Labworks Volume 02

2nd installment of my little tribute to legendary German acid techno label Labworks is now online. Harder and rougher than Volume 01 this might not be for everyone ;)

July 28, 2010. Aural Imagery 2010 mix online!

Yep, another progressive house/trance mix online. Grab it if interested :)

July 07, 2010. New Insomnia Chapter 06 mix online!

New progressive set online. It's the latest episode from the Insomnia series that I do together with Argentinian DJ Polheredia

May 24, 2010. AssortedTrance now in Russia!

A russian fan site has been created by a nice guy called Vladimir. Check it out here:

May 14, 2010. Assorted Trance Volume 24!

New assorted trance set up!

March 30, 2010. New progressive guest set coming up

February 17, 2010. Assorted Hard Trance Volume 16!

Finally a new hard trance set. No subletly just energy. And some nice 303s ;)

January 04, 2010. New Oldschool set - The Inspirations Volume 03!

Kicking of the new decade with a bit of nostalgia. Trance/Hardtrance from 1993-1995 :)

December 04, 2009. DI Radio 10th Anniversary Progressive Special!

Starting at:

Friday: 5pm US EST/10pm GMT/23:00 CET
Saturday: 11am US EST/4pm GMT/17:00 CET
Sunday:11am US EST/4pm GMT/17:00 CET

December 01, 2009. Assorted Trance Volume 23!

Yep, a brand new assorted trance is now available for download. Enjoy!

November 28, 2009. Email has been down + New Trance and Progressive sets coming soon!

Yes, I'm sorry to say that my email system went down a while back and is first now up and running so I'm sorry to say I've missed a lot of emails and notifications :(

It's all working now though so things should get back to normal from now on.

Two new sets coming up shortly. Assorted Trance Volume 23 and a progressive set for DI Radio's 10th Birthday bash in the Progressive Channel. Will post here when the exact dates are know. Will be within the next 2 weeks though


July 22, 2009. Radio Streams Up and Running Again!

After some server issues the streams are now up and running again. Finally :)

July 21, 2009. New Hard Trance Mix coming!

Yes, I finally got another stompin hard trance mix together and it will be premiered on DI this Friday (July 24th) starting at Noon US EST, 5pm GMT, 18:00 CET in the Hard Dance Channel.

As always it will be available here later on :)

June 30, 2009. Progressive Pulse 2 Year Anniversary (2009)

Polheredia celebrated 2 years of his show Progressive Pulse on DI Radio today and I had the honor to do a guest mix. :)

Both available for download here

May 07, 2009. Assorted Techno Volume 02

A brand new techno set featuring big chunk of funky techno and ending with a bit of schranz. Available for download now :)

April 13, 2009. Insonnia on Chapter 5 [Progressive]

A few days late but the latest installment of mine and Polheredia's special event Insomnia is finally available for download. Aired on April th 8th in's Progressive Channel.

April 01, 2009. Assorted Trance Volume 22

Brand new trance set for you to download! :)

February 26, 2009. Assorted Hard Trance Volume 14

Another banging hard trance mix is completed and available for download :)

February 12, 2009. Assorted Techno Volume 01

Yep, I made a techno mix. It was featured as a guest set on Alex Markachev's Nelumbo show on and it's now available as a download for you all to check out :)

It features a lot of so called "funky" techno so it's rather similar in vibe to my ASsorted Tech-Trance set.

December 07, 2008. 9th Year Anniversary Prog Special

Available online now if you missed it on yesterday :)

November 03, 2008. Assorted Trance Volume 21

Last week Assorted Trance Volume 21 was premiered on and now you can grab it here.

October 30, 2008. Insomnia Chapter 04 [Progressive]

Polheredia premiered our brand new Insomnia Chapter 04 mixes on yesterday so of course you can now grab them from here in canse you missed them or want to hear them again :)

October 07, 2008. New Assorted Hard Trance Mix!

Assorted Hard Trance Volume 13 is now available for download. Enjoy! :)

October 03, 2008. Forum back online!

Yep, it's finally back online. It only took 3 years to get it up and running again :p

After changing web host in 2005 I never quite got the hang of installing the back-up I had of the forum. Today I figured it out though so all accounts and posts are there. Just as we left it! :)

You can check it all out here:

October 02, 2008. Podcast and RSS Feed added

So, to make life easier for everyone you no longer even need to visit this site to see if new sets have been added or even to download them!

An RSS feed has been added for you to subscribe to. To access it and subscribe just click here:

Subscribe to the AssortedTrance Feed

Of course , this RSS feed of course also works as a Podcast where all new mixes will be added as soon as they're online. To subscribe to the podcast either click on the link above or click on the link below to go to the official Itunes page for the podcast

Access PodcastAssortedTrance Itunes Podcast Page

September 09, 2008. Assorted Trance Radio Launched!

Decided to create a little radio station with all these sets we've put online over the year. From 1997 up until today!. After a bit of work that radio station went live this past weekend. It features two streams, one for all our trance sets and on for all our hard trance sets.

Tune in links can be found on the main page or just tune in here:

Trance Channel

Hard Trance Channel

The streams are in 192kbps MP3 and they are online 24/7. There's still more to add to each channel but for now there's at least 50 hours on each in random rotation. Hope you enjoy! :)

August 26, 2008. Assorted Trance Volume 20

Finally I made a new proper trance mix! The last one was made in April 2007 so it's about time I made another one. I haven't been feeling the euphoric trance as much as I used to as I think it sounds too generic these days but every now and then there pop up some tracks that strik

August 12, 2008. Insomnia Chapter 3 download

Sorry for the delay. You can now download both my and Polheredia's latest Insomnia set here

July 24, 2008. Insomnia Chapter 3 and gig in Malmö, Sweden

On Monday 28th you can catch the 3rd chapter in the Insomnia Series from me and my argentinian friend Polheredia. This is part of my progressive trance side so expect some quality swinging prog beats. Show starts at 20:00 CET (2pm US EST) on the Progressive Channel on

I also got a booking in my home town of Malmö on the 2nd of August. This feels great after being away for almost 2 year! It's at the D.I.E. Underground Sessions and I'll get more info up here as soon as I know more about it

May 07, 2008. Essential Guide To Hardfloor Volume 01

For my own amusement I made a little mix with my favorite Hardfloor tracks from the early to mid 90s.

For those that don't know Hardfloor is a German duo consisting of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker. Together they spearheaded the acid trance/techno/house sound of the early 90s and then got a lot of flak for their somewhat formulaic remixes in the mid 90s.

At the time I thought everything Hardfloor did was gold and the tracks I chose to use in the mix are still very dear to me.

You can catch the mix on's Oldschool Electronica Channel today at 3:30 pm US EST (8:30pm GMT/ 21:30 CET) right after Deadly Groove's Building Blocks

April 01, 2008. Assorted Tech Trance Vol. 1

Nope it's not a April's Fool Joke. It's a brand new mix (and series) from me. For the first time I decided to make a mix featuring the kind of tech trance I'm enjoying at the moment.

Might be a bit different from regular tech trance these days (some tracks are more techno than anything) but it has great energy. Hope you enjoy! :)

February 19, 2008. Insomnia Part 2!

Don't miss the brand new episode of Insomnia with me and Polheredia from Argentina!

The show starts on Progressive Channel on Friday the 22nd at Noon US EST (5pm GMT/18:00 CET). 2 hours of quality progressive beats!

January 16, 2008. Assorted Hard Trance Vol. 11 Available !

Grab it from the links on the left :)


January 11, 2008. Brand new Hard Trance Mix!

First of all hope you all had a great New Years Eve. I'm kicking of 2008 with a brand new installement of my Assorted Hard Trance Series.

Volume 11 will first be aired on on Tuesday the 15th starting at Noon US EST/18:00 CET on the Hard Dance Channel. Hope you can join me in the forums while listening to some pounding beats :)

December 12, 2007. Johan Nilsson's set from the 8th Birthday Special available for download!

We ran a massive special event on's Progressive channel to celebrate the fact that the station now is 8 years old. Over 20 of the hosts on the progressive participated with an exclusive mix which we ran across 8th and 9th of December.

Of course I had to do a little something as well and the result can now be downloaded from the links on the right. It's progressive though so don't expect any hard energetic beats in 145bpm ;)

Big thanks to LRCN fordoing a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure it all came together, all the hosts who participated and of course all of you who tuned in!

October 30, 2007. Johan Nilsson and Polheredia Presents Insomnia on (Progressive)

I've teamed up with Argentinian DJ Polheredia fpr a special Progressive event on's Progressive Channel. This event will take place this Wednesday (Oct 31) starting at:

1pm US Eastern
5pm GMT
18:00 CET

Hope to see you there!

October 12 , 2007. Download Assorted Hard Trance Vol. 10!

My latest hard trance mix is now available for download. Right click here and choose save as to get the set.


01. Simon Patterson - Bulldozer - Reset Records
02. Mark Sherry vs Dr. Willis - Here Comes The Drums (Jowan Remix) - Detox
03. Substate - Release (Sa.Vee.Oh Remix) - Joyride Recordings
04. Phil York & Shaun Martins - One Hit Wonder - Elevate Recordings
05. Chi-Gu Kom - R4d10 St4r (Aex Remix) - CD-R
06. Phil York & Kevin Energy - The Next Level - Elevate Recordings
07. Ultraform - I'm In Your Head (Original Mix) - Venom
08. Cohesive - Pill Abuse (Louk Remix) - CD-R
09. Nish - Talk 2 Me (Jon The Baptist vs DJ Chuck-E Remix) - Harder Ground
10. P.H.A.T.T. - La Musica (Original Mix) - Nukleuz Records
11. Vandall - Turn Me On (Aex Remix) - Liquid Pulse

October 08 , 2007. New Hard Trance Mix!

Yep, I just finnished a new Assorted Hard Trance mix and it will be premiered on ( Hard Dance Channel this Thursday (October 11) starting at:

* 1pm US Eastern
* 6pm GMT
* 19:00 CET

August 25 , 2007. Hard Trance Guest Mix on Event Horizon @!

My brand new unreleased Hard Trance mix will be featured on Daniel Vale's Event Horizon show on's Hard Dance Channel thos monday (August 27th). Other guest mixes include Mark Sherry with more to be announced on Monday.

July 09 , 2007. Progressive Guest Mix on The Bidness @!

Yup, I've actually made a new progressive trance mix and it will be aired tomorrow (July 10) on The Bidness show, hosted by my good friend DJ LRCN. The show starts at 2pm US Eastern (7pm GMT/20:00 CET) on's Progressive Channel.

I can't remember when I made the last progressive mix so it was quite fun to go back to that kind of style. The set features some of the progressive trance/house tracks I've been enjoying casually the past 6 months or so. So don't expect it to be all cutting edge and weird and stuff :)

April 30 , 2007. New Assorted Trance Vol. 19!

A brand new Assorted Trance set will be aired on this Friday (May 04). The time is approximate because the their might be some last minute updated to the line-up that day. But if everything goes as planned the set should start at:

* 2pm US Eastern
* 7pm GMT
* 20:00 CET

On the Trance Channel of course ;)

April 24 , 2007. New Assorted Hard Trance!

Tomorrow (Wednesday 24th) will be airing my brand new Assorted Hard Trance. Tune in to the Hard Dance channel at:

* 2pm US Eastern
* 7pm GMT
* 20:00 CET

Since it's no longer feasible for me to do the Escape Velocity show on a monthly basis I decided to re-surrect this old but popular series. I know a lot of you out there will be happy to hear this. New sets will not be available on a monthly basis but the sets will be longer and hopefully ensure a higher quality of track selection :)

Expect 75 minutes of banging Hard Trance with some proper Acid Techno thrown in for good measure. Mauguzun, Ultraform, Louk, JTB, DDR/ANT are just some of the names you'll be hearing brand new tracks from on this set. Be sure not to miss it!

January 15 , 2007. Escape Velocity 17 available!

Ok, so finally the latest installement of the Escape Velocity is available to download. This particular set follows the more melodic side of things that could be heard on Escape Velocity 16. No special reason more than I had a bunch of nice melodic hard trance tracks available for a mix :) You can grab it in the column to right.


01. Michael Tsukerman - Are You Mad? (Original Mix) - Joyride Recordings
02. Ultramax - I'm attracted to You (Kuffdam & Plant Remix) -
03. Bas & Ram - Alien Threat (DJ Sequence Remix) - Joyride Recordings
04. Nish - Sagittarius (Alphazone Remix) - Doof Doof Trax
05. 4Fach Zoom - Pixel One (DJ Sequence Remix) - Joyride Recordings
06. Mauguzun - Velocity (Original Mix) - CD-R
07. Vandall - Weapons of Destruction - Trancewarez Recordings
08. Mauguzun - The Way To Heaven - Highfish Digital
09. Charlie G & Future Disciple - Twisted Reality - Addiction Digital
10. Prestige - Majextic (Ralph Novell Remix) - Waterworld
11. Trevor Mclaughlan - Raind Down On Me (Ralph Novell Remix) - World Of Trance

December 08 , 2006. Mail up again, forum still down. Party in Brisbane in January

All mails are up and running since a week or so. Forum stil ldown though. Need to figure out how to upload the back up to the new database. I'm new to all of this so please bare with me :p

In other news, I got my first Australian gig! On January 27 I'll be spinning at Twisted @ The Shamrock in Brisbane. Together with Tara Reynolds of Tidy & Masif. Click here and here to see flyer. Really looking forward to it! :D

November 19 , 2006. Forum/mail down temporarily + I'm moving to Australia

Ok, so I recently switched hosts. Steve (aka Sinereth) who have helped me since day one almost with hosting my site ran into some troubles with his box. We decided a move to a dedicated host would be the best for the time being. So now I'm in the capable hands of ClickOnHosting! However, at this moment this means the forum and my mail is down temporarily but will be back up again as soon as possible.

I want to thanks Steve for the massive help I've recieved the past couple of years when it comes to web hosting and a bunch of other stuff. It has truly been invaluable!

And I also want to thanks ClickOnHosting for helping me out in this time of need and putting up with all my newbie questions :)

And now to the big news. I'm moving to Sydney, Australia for the next 12 months starting this wednesday. Should be interesting as I've never been there before :)

So for all you Aussies that visit this site, I'm already in talks with some promoters about possible gigs. First up would be Brisbane in January if everything works out!

Anyways, the neew design for this we bsite will be finnished soon now that we have moved to a new host. Once that is up I'll start updating here on regular basis :)

September 30 , 2006. Back from New York and starting to produce!

After 6 wonderful and eventful months in New York, possible the best city on earth, Charlotte and I have returned back to Sweden. Sweden feels a bit small now so we are looking for another nice foreign city to work and live in for a while. Sydney, we are looking in your direction :)

I've also finally started getting into production, after many years of talking about it. Biggest hurdle has always been getting my head around all the technical aspects but I think I'm slowly started to get a hang of it. There's a long way to go though so I wouldn't expect any release quality material from me in quite some time.

You'll probably be able to hear some samples of my progress in my forum from time to time


August 17 , 2006. Assorted Trance 17 and Escape Velocity 15

Yep, I finally got around to make a new Assorted Trance set. As usual this one is high in energy and I think it progresses really well.

I also managed to a new Escape Velocity set within the same week. That one is available to download direct from this site.

If you are interested in Assorted Trance 17 please contact me either through email or by sending me a pm in the forums.


March 6 , 2006. Time to write something

I recently noticed that my last entry here was made in October 2005. That's over 4 months ago! Have I've been inactive that long?

Well not really. Most of you have followed my regular show on's Hard Dance channel Escape Velocity (thanks for all the wonderful feedback!). I also made a new Assorted Trance Mix (Volume 16) and uploaded a live set from a show I did together with Alex MORPH last december. It's mostly my web site that I've been neglecting lately. And that's really all about laziness I'm afraid.

So what's coming up in the near future then. Well, Me and Charlotte are about to do a extended visit to New York City where we will stay for 6 months. We are both very excited about this. We are going up to the US Embassy in Stockholm this week to apply for our visa and as soon as we get that granted we'll head over to New York. Hopefully it will happen by the end of this month. My only regret is that I have turned down several gigs because of this. Hopefully I can find some nice ones in the states once I get there.

My very skilled web designer Aram and I have discussed a revamp of this site for quite a while now and hopefully we'll actually start changing it soon. It really needs an update by now :)

Oh, and don't miss Escape Velocity 13 next week (tuesday 14th) on's hard dance channel.

October 20 , 2005. Katrina Relief Event on!

I'm participating in a massive fundraising event on for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in the southern parts of USA. 23 DJs presenting exclusive sets during 24 hours (!). All presented on the tracne channel on Here is the line-up:

8:00am - 9:00am : Nuera
9:00am - 10:00am : Experience Project
10:00am - 11:00am : DJ Scude
11:00am - 12:00pm : Michael Angelo
12:00pm - 1:00pm : Kevin Turner
1:00pm - 2:00pm : Menno De Jong
2:00pm - 3:00pm : Niklas Harding
3:00pm - 4:00pm : Aly & Fila
4:00pm - 5:00pm : Johan Nilsson
5:00pm - 6:00pm : Paul Moelands (Octagen)
6:00pm - 7:00pm : Martin Roth
7:00pm - 8:00pm : Airbase
8:00pm - 9:00pm : Kristoff
9:00pm - 10:00pm : Giorgio Ponticelli
10:00pm - 12:00am : Matt Darey (2 Hour Live Set)
12:00am - 1:00am : Mark Sherry
1:00am - 2:00am : John Askew
2:00am - 3:00am : Chris Hampshire
3:00am - 4:00am : Ciacomix
4:00am - 5:00am : Signalrunners
5:00am - 6:00am : Jan Loper
6:00am - 7:00am : Danny Taylor
7:00am - 8:00am : DJ Christian

You can't afford to miss this! :)

October 12 , 2005. Johan back in Turkey! + Escape Velocity 8 postponed

On October 21 I will be back in Turkey to spin at Club Faces in Turkey's capital Ankara. As usual it's Eazt production that is making this happen! Can't wait to meet up with Orcan, the rest of the Eazt crew and all the rest of the nice people I've had the pleasure to het to know during my previous visits :)

Escape Velocity 008 was never aired this past monday due to some delivery mishaps with my records. I couldn't get hold of them until today actually so it was impossible to make a good mix in time. The show will be aired as soon as I get the mix together and find a proper date.

September 8 , 2005. Escape Velocity 7 on

To make sure I only use quality tracks on my Escape Velocity show on I've decided to make the show run once a month, instead of twice. I just found it too damn difficult to get proper, quality tracks on the harder side of trance to mix the set before the deadline. Having it at once a month will leave me some more time scouting tracks and I hope the show from now on will be longer than the previous 60 minutes. Hopefully also feature some guest every now and then :)

Anyways, next show is this monday (September 12th) on the Hard Dance Channel on, starting at 20:00 CET/7pm GMT/2pm EST. Don't miss it! :)

August 5 , 2005. DJ Irish Meets Ultraform - The Iron Suns (Original Mix) + Escape Velocity 6

Christ it's been almost 2 months since my last entry here. Time to get you guys up to speed. The most important part is probably that I've teamed up with young swedish producer Ultraform for the production of the very first track with my name on it :) "The Iron Suns" is a hard trance stomper with scratchy acid sounds and a psy trance melody. The sounds is from the glory days of Hard Trance with fat beats and basslines. Packed with energy and providing a good punch on the dance floor.

If you wanna hear this track then you better tune in to the next episode of Escape Velocity on this monday (August 8th). The show starts at 20:00 CET/7pm GMT/2pm EST on the Hard Dance Channel. So don't miss it!

In further news Aram of Lithium design is hard at work redesigning this site fromt the ground up. Since I'm no longer putting up any sets online on the site I felt that the whole concept of this site needs to change if I want to keep you people coming back here :)

Speaking of Aram, some of his work just got accepted into the official gallery at the Xara application home page: Xara Gallery

It appears he submitted some of the work he's been doing for me :)

June 10 , 2005. New Live Show on DI.FM

Today we are trying to do the live show that never worked on May 18th. The technical problems have been resolved and hopefully the show will air without problems this time. The starting time is scheduled as 2pm US Eastern/7pm GMT/20:00 CET on DI.FM's Trance channel

Also don't miss Escape Velocity 004 on DI.FM this monday. Starting at 2pm US Eastern/7pm GMT/20:00 CET on DI.FM's Hard Dance channel

May 16, 2005. Live set on DI.FM and other stuff!

Time to write something here I think. Almost been a month hehe. Well, the biggest news is of course that Nyman has now become a father. If you ever wondered what he's been up to lately, now you can rest assured that he has been anything but inactive :p

We wish both Nyman and his long time fiancé Malin, and of course Wille, the man, the myth, the legend, the very best for the future :D

I'm finally doing a new live set on DI.FM this wednesday, May 18th. It's been a while since my last time so it's definetly love over due :)

Tune in on the trance channel at 4PM US Eastern / 9PM UK / 22:00 Central European Time. Be sure to not miss this! ;)

April 20, 2005. Escape Velocity and The World In The Mix!

So finally my long planned show on DI.FM is taking off! Escape Velocity is my brand new show on DI.FM's Hard Dance Channel (Former Hard Trance & Hard House Channel). It's a 1 hour show, every 2nd and 4th monday of the month and will feature the best high energy music around. Expect som blazing high energy trance, tech-trance and Hard Trance. Nothing below the 142 BPM treshold so be sure to tune in! :D

Starting at 21:00 Central European Time/20:00GMT/3pm US Eastern Time.

I'm also featured in Giorgio Ponticelli's marathon event The World In The Mix 3. Broadcasted on DI.FM on April 29th, 18.00 CET / Noon US Eastern / 5pm GMT, the show is around 7 hours long and features 15-18 minutes minimixes from 25 different DJs coming from 14 different countries. Everything mixed together by Giorgio Ponticelli himself. Something you definetly don't wan't to miss :)

March 22, 2005. No more downloads!

I'm sorry to say this but from today, you will no longer be able to download any of our mixes from this site.

Some days ago I recieved yet another email from a record label, stating I'm hurting record sales and if I truly respect the artists, I shouldn't make life difficult for them by keeping them getting properly compensated for their efforts. And it's my respect to everyone involved with producing and releasing the great music I've had the pleasure to enjoy throughout the years that I've decided enough is enough. This site will no longer offer any downloadable mixes.

The situation has been rather confusing for me because the artists themselves are usually quite positive about freely distributed mixes on the internet. It's the labels, who usually are the true copyright holders, who don't like it. This, I think, have to do with the fact that artists can make money from the exposure by getting Dj or live gigs. Record companies have only one source of income: record sales. The climate in the music industry today, with sharply delining sales, has become very harsch and the labels are getting a lot more protective about their assets. So everything that might, in theory, cause any harm to their income is considered a threat. I understand that. I really do.

In any case, I have yet to hear any negative comments about my sets from the artists themselves. On the contrary, I've gotten quite a few praises for including their tracks and helping them with exposure. I know that not all artists feel the same about this particular issue but it is basically these positive emails from the artists that have led me to believe it was somewhat ok to do what I did.

Personally, I'm not convinced the sets offered on this site has actually caused any actual harm in record sales but it's hard to prove from either side. Since I don't want to run the risk of allienating myself from the music industry by provoking the very people who run it I've come to the conclusion that the downloads will have to stop.

For the record, I have never made even one cent out of any of my sets throughout the years. Actually, they have cost me at least around 100$US per set since all material in them are bought and paid for legally. I have even turned down people offering compensation for my sets because I have always felt it is wrong to make money off things like this. However, I do acknowledge that this is not of any real relevance in this particular case.

Also, for the record. I haven't been directly threatened by a lawsuit yet so my decision is not based on any fear of legal troubles (even though lawsuites have been hinted at indirectly in one particular case). As I mentioned above, I simply don't want to make any enemies, or if my sets actually hurt record sales, don't want to keep the artists to get the compensation they rightly deserve. The fact that I'm soon about to be fully employed in another part of the music business (more info about this coming soon) lends further weight to my decision.

If you feel like discussing this further there's a thread in our forum dedicated to this here . (Link updated 050323)

However, this doesn't mean I'll be inactive. I will increase my activities in the online world by a new personal show on Di Radio (along side my monthly live set on the very same station), hopefully starting very soon.

And don't forget the live stream of the God's Kitchen Party on Di Radio, featuring Marco V, Paul Thomas and me. Coming straight from Slagthuset (in Malmö, Sweden) this thursday on the 24th of March! :)

- Johan Nilsson (DJ Irish)

March 10, 2005. On vacation!

Tomorrow, friday 11th, me and Charlotte are heading to Paris for a nice vacation. I've never been to Paris before so I'm quite excited. :)

During this time I'll probably not get the chance to check my email or forums as often as I usualy do so please don't be mad for slow replies. We'll be gone until the 20th of March and still I fear it's not enough time to see all of what a city like Paris has to offer. We'll of course do the obvious things, as the Louvre, Eiffel Tower etc, but if you have any tips on good clubs please send me an email (remove NO_SPAM). :)

After that we've got the God's Kitchen Party in Malmö on the 24th, where I'll spin with Marco V and Paul Thomas. Hopefully it will be streamed through Di Radio, video and all :)

Also, a brand new show of my own is in the works at Di Radio! More info about that soon.

March 4, 2005 New sets online!

Yeah, I've should have written this last week but I never got around to it ehem...

Two new sets have are available for download. Irish's Assorted Trance Volume 15 and Irish Live @ Di Radio 2005-01-20. Those of you who are on my mailinglist or have visit the site recently know of course about Assorted Trance Volume 15 already. However, the live set, which went online at the same time, is probably only known to those of you who visit my forums :)

Any live sets that I put online will show up in the forums. Not main page. Also, if I for some reason made any special sets, let's say for a radio station or something, it's in the forums they will be available. So be sure to drop in there and have a look every once in a while ;)

Also, there is also a FTP mirror of my sets available so if you get broken downloads, please check the forums for the thread about the set. There you'll also find a link for the mirror download from now on.

February 16, 2005 Forums back and new mixes online!

Forums back! Go here immediatly! No user accounts or posts was lost :D

Nyman is back with two brand new mixes! First one is a new installement of the old Assorted Cheese series. It has now reached Volume two and just as it's predecessor it's packed with cheesy goodness :) Grab it and comment on it here

The other mix is Nyman's Assorted Progression Volume 4. FInally something for all of you who have been agitating for some serious progressive beats on this site :) Grab it and comment on it here

February 09, 2005 New Mix Online!

Yep, the time has finally come for a new Hard Trance mix. It's looong overdue and I know some of you have been waiting quite some time for this :) No need to wait anyfurther though. Irish's Assorted Hard Trance Volume 7 is now online :D

February 04, 2005 News Update!

Ok, forum is still down but we are almost finnished switching host. The long delay has been due to me being busy and slacking off regarding the web site. I'll send out a message through the mailinglist when it's back online and as I stated previously, all user accounts and posts have been saved.

So I finally made a new Hard Trance mix! Irish's Assorted Hard Trance Volume 7 will be premiered on Di Radio (on the hard trance channel of course) this coming monday (Feb. 7th). As usual it will be available here as a download shortly afterwards :)

Nyman will also be back with 2 brand new mixes next week! Nyman Assorted Progression 4 and Assorted Cheese 2 will be available as a download as soon as I get a proper tracklist from him ;)


New Years Eve, 2004. Irish, Nyman, Ciacomix & Mike Hunter @ Club Oasis, Istanbul (Turkey)

If everything goes as planned there's gonna be one hell of a New Years Eve Party in Istanbul this year :)
Go here to see flyer and read more about it

December 16, 2004. Irish, Ciacomix & Mike Hunter Live on Di Radio

Don't miss this special event on Saturday the 18th of December. Ciacomix (DE) and Mike Hunter (DE) will be staying at my place during the weekend due to their gig at Club Amnesia this friday (Also streamed live on Di Radio). To celebrate Ciacomix's 30th birthday we doing a 5 hour show on DI Radio, with video (!), on Saturday evening. The show starts 20:00 CET, 19:00 UK, 2PM US Eastern. Go here to read all about it and comment


November 09, 2004. Time to take care of business (Live Show today!)!

Since my last update a month ago (!) a lot of things have happened. I've had a terific gig in Linköoing together with Above & Beyond. Thanks to Ace Events and Sweepsound for making that happen and special greetings to all the happy party people who showd up. One of my best gigs in Sweden! :)

I've also been back to Ankara for a gig at Club Faces. This time got the honour to premiere the brand new room of the club called The New Zone! As always I had a terrific time in Ankara. Many thanks to Orcan and friends and the rest of the Eazt Productions crew! :)

This week I'll be doing my monthly show at TranceAirWaves today! Starting at: 21:00CET/20:00GMT/3pm Us Eastern. On friday both me and Nyman will be spinning at Club Amnesia (Lund, Sweden) again. This time together with Miss Dilemma from Stockholm. Very much looking forward to that since Amnesia is definetly my favorite club in Sweden.

Also, I promise, you'll have some new stuff to download from here soon. In the meantime please check the event section in the forum for any special sets that might be availabel ;)


October 09, 2004. Back from Los Angeles!

Back from my vacation in LA! Both me and Charlotte had a wonderful time during our breif visit to California. We'd like to thank DJ LRCN and Jethro for making that gig at Trance Club Heaven possibl, everybody that showd up at the party, Henrik (Exton) for letting us crash at his apartment in Pasadena, Ari and Ana for the lovely dinner in San Francisco and all the nice people we've met! :)

Pictures from the party can be found here (Gallery 1) and here (Gallery 2)

Event section updated so be sure to check it out.

Getting the forums back online is still in progress. Please have patience :)

September 16, 2004. Irish @ Trance Club Heaven in Los Angeles

On September 24th I'll be headlining the Digitally Imported Night at Trance Club Heaven in Los Angeles. LRCN and Jethro from Di Radio as well as will be opening the night under there guise Magic Helmet. Tickets can be purchased here and here

Club Info:

Line Up:

Magic Helmet - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am
Adam Carver - 12:00 am - 1:00 am
DJ Irish - 1:00 am - 4:00 am

Info Line: (714) 618 8881
10:00 PM - 4:00 AM
21 and up
6655 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90038 United States

Check the thread in our forum here for more info

Friday, September 10, 2004. Irish featured on Exposure Festival 2004

Today the biggest online festival takes place on Di Radio with over 60 Djs spread over 6 channels (Arenas). I have the good furtune to be one of the many accomplished participant DJs on this Festival. My set will be featured in the Reckless Arena and be filled to the brim with proper hard trance. To see complete line-up and time schedule please go to The Exposure Festival Web Page

Event page has also been updated :)

Thursday, August 19, 2004. Download Irish's latest live set on Di Radio

I've decided to put my latest live set from Di Radio online for those of you who might have missed it or wanna here it again. It can be found in our forums here

Monday, July 19, 2004. Files moved to web server and new cue-sheet added.

Ok, I've finally made a cue-sheet for the DJ Irish - Reckless @ Di Radio mix. You can get it here. Sorry for the delay ehem... :p

All sets have also been moved to a web server instead of the previous FTP server. Which means people behind firewalls can get the sets as well and maybe it will help regarding the download issues. We'll see about that last thing though...

Friday, July 9, 2004. Irish Exclusive Mix on Rise FM this Saturday.

I've been invited as a special guest to Rise FM Radio this saturday where they will air an exclusive mix of mine. Stay tuned to their web page for info of when the set will be aired on Saturday

Friday, July 2, 2004. Issues with fileserver.

For some time now there has been some random issues with downloading sets on this web site. Apparently, for some people, the download gets interrupted or appears to be complete although it's really not. As of yet we are not completly sure what causes this problem but we are trying to correct it as soon as possible. Getting a download manager, such as Get Right, helps if you are experiencing this problem.

There is a forum thread regarding this issue where you can see any updates on the subject.

Friday, June 18, 2004. Dj Irish Assorted Trance Vol. 13 online + Event Update

DJ Irish's new Assorted Trance Volume 13 is now available for download. Go here to see tracklist and download link. Also, go here to our forum to read and post comments on the mix. Doesn't matter if like or you hate it :)

On this Monday, 21st of June, Irish have the privilage to be featured on the last Reckless Show of these season on Di Radio's Hard Trance Channel. Also included in the line up is host Gonzo and special guest Marcel Woods. Be sure to tune in. Show starts around 21:00 CET/20:00GMT/3pm US Eastern

Saturday, June 12, 2004. Server maintenance

Today some maintenance will be done to the web server which means this web site may be down for an hour or so. Same goes for the forum. The maintenance will be performed between 11:00am US Eastern Time/16:00 GMT/17:00 CET. and last about 4 hours.

Monday, June 1st, 2004. Back from Belgium!

I've just come back from my gig at TrancePhenomonen @ Club Barocco in Belgium and I must say I had a great time. It was the first time for me in Belgium and I must say the Belgium club goers sure know how to party:) The atmosphere was great and the people friendly. What more can one ask for? Big thanks to the people of Warm FM for bringing me over. You can see some pictures from the party here.


Friday, May 21, 2004. New mix from Nyman, CD-Cover, plus other updates

Nyman's Assorted Progression Volume 3 has now been online fora couple of days and today the cue-sheet is available as well. Get it here. Also, Nyman has provided us with a cue-sheet for his live appearance on Di Radio in January. Get it here.

Aram of Lithium design, the man repsonible for the cool design of this web site just send me a Cd-cover for Irish's Assorted Trance Volume 12. You can grab it here.

Next weekend, on the 30th of May to be exact, I'm headlining the TrancePhenomenon Party @ Club Barocco in Belgium. The organizers together with Belgium radio station Warm FM is doing a special show on this Sunday where they will showcase as many of my mixes as possible! If you want a notification of when this start on Sunday then add your email here. * Your email adress will be deleted after the reminder is processed. The email adress will not be registered in any mailing list.* Be sure to check out the mp3Pro plugin for winamp to get higher quality stream! :)

Monday, May 12, 2004. Irish confirmed to spin at the official Tiesto pre-party

Got confirmation today that I'll be in charge of the entertainment at the official Tiesto pre-party here in Malmö (Sweden) on Saturday the 15th. Tiesto is stopping by Malmö on his promotional tour for his new album and the organizers of the event though it would be cool to have a proper meet-up place and pre-party before the main event. For those of you who might be familiar with Malmö this party will be held at Flame in the middle of Gustaf Adolfs Torg. Starting off at 18:00 and ending around 22:00 when the main event starts. For more info on the Tiesto-event go here.

Monday, May 3rd, 2004. News Update!

First of all I'm back from Ankara where I was spinning at the Ankara Electronic Music Festival together with my good friend Niklas Harding. As usual I had a blast. Wished I could have stayed there longer. I'll post some pictures soon I hope.

Starting time for Dj Irish Assorted Trance Volume 12 premiere on Di radio has now been confirmed. The set will be aired tomorrow on the trance channel on Di Radio around 19:15CET/18:15GMT/1:15pm US Eastern.

On wednesday don't miss Dj Irish's exclusive 2 hour set for Rob Solaris' show Take Off on ETS-Global Radio


Friday, April 23, 2004. I'm off to Ankara!

Tomorrow, Saturday 24th, I'm flying down to beautiful Ankara, the capital of Turkey with my good pal Niklas Harding to spin at the Ankara Electronic Music Festival together with top turkish DJs. More info about the even can be found here in our forums.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004. Mixes removed!

By the request of a copyright holder I've been forced to remove the following sets from the download pages:

DJ Irish Assorted Trance Vol. 11
DJ Irish Assorted Trance Vol. 8
DJ Irish Assorted Trance Vol. 7
DJ Irish Assorted Trance Vol. 6

These sets will not be available as a download again so please don't ask me make to them available one last time or something like that.

Tomorrow, Thursday 22nd, there will be a hard trance only show on Di Radio featuring me (Irish) and most probably Nyman. The show will start around 20:00CET/19:00GMT/2pm US Eastern on the hard trance channel.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004, New Hard Trance Mix + Forums Back!

Our new forums are now online! They are hosted by our web host which means this fourm is gauranteed to stay up. Please sign up again and express you opinions on music, mixes and everything else that you might think of :)

The new DJ Irish's Assorted Hard Trance Volume 6 is now online to download. Complete with cue-sheet and everything. Just check the links on your right to get the latest in hard beats! Also, please check the forums here and let us know what you think of it :)


Saturday, April 10, 2004, Forums Down

I'm sad to say that the Domikado forums are no more. This means that the Assorted Trance Forums are down as well. Fortunatly I have a new Forum ready to go within the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll let you all know as soon as the new forums are up.


Wednesday, April 7, 2004, Events Update

Couple of events added to the event page. First up: On Monday the 12th the premiere of the brand new Assorted Hard Trance Vol. 6 on Di Radio. Tuesday the 13th it's time for Irish's monthly show on TranceAirWaves. As for live gigs Irish is booked to spin at Hard Part Mission in southern Sweden on the 29th of May. Internationally Irish is doing his first gig in Belgium on the 30th of May at Club Barocco in Vreren together with top Beligum DJ Frank Struyf.


Thursday, March 18th, 2004, Irish streamed live from Club AmnesiA.

I'm back from my little short stint in Turkey and as usual I had a wonderful time. Big thanks to Orcan, Suhan, Nadir and all the rest at Eazt Productions for making it happen and for taking so good care of me and Charlotte. We really appreciate it!

This Saturday, March 20th, I'm doing a gig at local club AmnesiA and the whole thing will be streamed live from the club via Di Radio. Starting time around 23:00CET/22:00GMT/17:00 US Eastern.


Wednesday, March 10th, 2004, Gig in Istanbul Turkey confirmed!

DJ Irish will be spinning at the Eazt Session party at Venue in Istanbul Turkey this Saturday the 13th together with top local DJ Mt Yafet.

Monday,February 3rd, 2004, New Website Design!

As you can see we jsut got a face lift :) All thanks to Aram, the Chief-designer at Lithium Design. Hope you all like it!

This also means there are a few things that is still under construction. More content will be added soon and various small things will be corrected asap.

Also, we are soon to switch to a new file-server. The new filserver will allow us to offer you somewhat higher bandwidth but unfortunatly there will be space limitations so a lot of old sets has been taken off line. That's why some of the link might not work properly. This will be corrected soon.

Thanks for your patience.

Monday, January 19, 2004, New Downloads!

Transcend Festival II is now over and as I promised my set is now available as a download. Find appropiate links on the left and under the "Special" section in "Mixes". Cue-sheet is available here.

Also available now is the first CD of Sonic X-plosion Vol. 5 mixed by Ciacomix. As with the Transcend set you'll find download links to the left and in the "Special" section under "Mixes". No cue-sheet available as of yet.

Friday January 16, 2004, Transcend Festival II

Tomorrow, January 17th, the 2nd installement of the highly succefull Transcend Festival will kick off on . I'm represented by a new exclusive set that will be aired together with sets from the likes of Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, John '00 Flemming, etc. Be sure no to mis this:)

CD1 of the SOnic X-Plosion Vol. 5 is now available through the forums. Cue-sheet to CD2 has been added.

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